∴ Diogenes Bandeira - Consultor de Segurança Eletrônica ∴

∴ Diogenes Bandeira - Consultor de Segurança Eletrônica ∴

The Israeli College for Security and Investigations.

The Israeli College for Security and Investigations - I.C.S.I - was established 24 years ago with the purpose of providing professional studies to those who deal with Security and Investigations   professions in all areas of expertise. This includes Security Managers, employed by governmental agancies or private firms, Private Investigators, Accident investigators and reconstructors, Polygraph examiners,  Forensics Investigators, VIP'S Bodyguards and others.

For more than 24 years I.C.S.I provides professional studies, as well as academic degrees at all levels. Also I.C.S.I provides consulting services for security projects. As a leading institute at the field of security I.C.S.I offers the most updated knowledge and skills for those seeking for professional studies to upgrade their professional abilities and the effectiveness function at their organization.

I.C.S.I. is a leading international institution in the field of security studies, in terms of number of course's programs, number of high-level lecturers and master teachers, number of  Israeli and international graduates, as well as the scope of clients - from the governmental sector and from private companies - all of which benefit from its professional experience and well-known reputation.


Bodyguards' Training for VIP's Protection.

Note: The course is designated for both women and men

1.  Background and Purpose of the Course.
Senior functionaries in various state/public and private firms are exposed to various risks according to their function. Risks are usually the result of potential threats. These threats, whether being related to phisical injury, property damages, kidnapping or even murder, are liable to occur in the context of criminal activity, account settling, blackmail, and in some cases terror or guerrilla activities.

Past experience shows that professional appropriate training together with operational experience and a proper decipline results in better functioning of the Bodyguard and better protection for the VIP. While the shape and form of phisical threats could be of various kinds, bodyguards high-level training inludes a fixed set of componenets that together form comprehensive knowledge and skills for providing protection under all relevant scenarios for different VIP profiles and within diverse surroundings.

The course for VIP bodyguards takes you to the operational professional center designated to develop and implement training for security agents and combatants for the task of protecting VIPs. The course is designed to provide its graduates the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the task of protecting VIPs, stressing physical training combined with simulations of real events. Along the course participants practice armed and unarmed fighting, shooting in various guns and weapons, as well as operational driving, and eventually hold the skills for identifying terror threats and planning optimal responses on time.

2.  Conditions of Admission
12 years study
No criminal record
Proper health
Physical fitness
Priority to experienced candidates

3.  Duration of Course
The duration of the course is usually 5 training days for each professional phase: Basic, Advanced, Team and Commander.
However, in certain cases I.C.S.I. is willing to co-ordinate a tailor-made program according to the client's needs and to students' previous background.

4.  Training Site
The course is performed within the College’s modern facilities in Israel, in the Tel Aviv vicinity. However, It is also possible to implement the course abroad, according to a specific request by customers.

5.  Diploma
Graduates who will successfully stand in all course requirements will be eligable to a professional diploma from The Israeli College for Security & Investigations, acknowledged by the Israeli government. In addition, graduates of the VIP Bodyguard course will be entitled for a special International Diploma granted by the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (I.B.S.S.A.).

6.  V.I.P.’S bodyguard course - basic - 5 days.
Basic principles of the protection of the VIP.
Operational shooting in various situations.
Contact combat - unarmed fighting
Principles of protecting VIPs in motion (pedestrian + vehicle).
Practicing VIP protection by a security ring.
Simulations and practicing with a protected VIP.
Escape and recovery.
Principles of preventive behavior.

7.  V.I.P.’S bodyguard course - Advanced (5 days)
Planning Security Array and Breaking of Routine
Protection within Different Surroundings (home, hotel, restaurant, conference).
Principles of Identifying Suspects
Knowledge and Use of Technical Equipment
Protecting Shooting and Operational Combat
Close Combat Against Multiple Opponents
Tactical drills and simulations
Drills and Simulations

8.  V.I.P.'S bodyguard course - team - 5 days
Sabotage - Awareness, Acquaintance and Prevention
Principles of Comprehensive Security Perception
Integrated Combat with a Team of Security Agents
Operational Driving - Tactical Exercises
Unarmed Combat - Developing Aggressivenes
Drill under Night Conditions
Overcoming Wounds - Shooting with Weak Hand
Knowledge of Team Work
Planning Drills for Secondary Teams
Tactical-Simulative Team Drills

9.  V.I.P.'S bodyguard course - Commander (5 days)
Planning and Implementing Security Rings
Planning of Security in the Commander Level - Routine/Events
Planning and Implementing Preliminary Activities
Integrated Function of a Security Agents' Ring
Planning Escape Routs
Principles for Preparing a Field Brief
Simulative Drill Integrating Vehicle Driving and Shooting
Planning an Operation with Secondary Teams for the Safety of an Event
Bilateral Drill with Vehicles - Planning and Implementation

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